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Simplifying Air charter and Precious Metal transportation

Founded in 2021, Sky Bullion is a large distributor and transporter of precious metals. It is widely used and trusted commercially, and continues to operate in over 20 countries. It provides a wide range of services for the people and businesses of all sizes and has an international business model.

We have accumulated general management experience in sectors as varied as mining (10 years), logistics (7 years), agriculture (6 years), and international trade (10 years). Our ED has been a residential expatriate in Africa for 20 years, each year getting better at doing business on the continent and building the network necessary to succeed. We have accumulated hands-on experience working with mining companies on African Continent.


Sky Bullion Inc.

Sky Bullion Inc


Our Feature Services


Buy and Sell Precious Metals

Buy and sell precious metals here! We have a global focus on ensuring the safety of our customers while offering a higher standard of service.


Secure global shipping & storage

Sky Bullion will be one of the best choices at fast moving and storage of precious metals in the world.


Authentication and Assaying of precious metals

There are many ways to acquire or trade precious metals and they all require complete verification and the authenticity of the product.


Consultation and Advisory

Consultation and advisory on precious metals and their integrity. We take all responsibility for the risks and risks associated with your purchase of precious metals.


Cargo Plane Charter

Providing and offering the most accurate and reliable airline charter flights for your cargo and products across the globe.



With our online services, you can track the progress and status of your shipment or storage item. for more information please contact us through our channels.